International Scientific Conference
dedicated to the anniversary of 40 years of activity on the path of education and science
and 65 years of life of criminologist Valeriu Bujor

The theme of the conference is new scientific approaches to crime:
and its prevention in the following aspects:

  • factors, features, consequences and crime prevention;
  • scientific research, specialized education and crime prevention practice;
  • sociology, psychology, economics, political science, anthropology and crime prevention;
  • law and crime history and philosophy;
  • faith, culture, sport, community service and crime prevention;
  • forensics, investigation, prosecution and repressive or non repressive crime prevention;
  • crime policies and strategies;
  • criminal, administrative, civil and constitutional guidelines, and their application for non repressive
    or repressive prevention of crime;
  • biology, chemistry, medicine and crime prevention;
  • physics, geography, computer science and crime prevention;
  • mathematics, statistics, architecture and crime prevention;
  • other aspects related to the topic of the scientific meeting.


Institute of Criminal Sciences and Applied Criminology
University of European Political and Economic Studies
Constantin Stere ””,
„Ștefan cel Mare Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs,
Independent Association of Criminology,
Institute for
L egal , P olitical and Sociological Research,
American University of Moldova,
Federation of Trade Unions of Moldova
„Alvia Grup ” Advertising Agency.

Form of the conference: with attendance

Working language of the conference: Romanian (English, French, Russian and Ukrainian)


  • sending the registration form no later than March 1, 2023 (download the participation HERE)
  • presentation of scientific reports and communications no later than March 15, 2023 (editing rules see HERE)
The collection of reports and communications will see the light of the press until the conference and will be handed to the participants on the day of the conference!

Date and place of the conference:

The conference will take place on March 24, 2023, starting at 1000
in the Palace of the Republic,
Chisinau municipality, Maria Cebotari Street, 16

Contacts and additional information:

Bejan Octavian tel.: 079402956, e mail: ;